Get Out There and Enjoy the Ride


We are fortunate to have some of the best road and mountain cycling the Piedmont has to offer right in our back yard.  We encourage you to check out for local groups rides and events.  For those looking to venture out on their own, here are some of our favorite places to ride in the area.

Mountain Bike RidesMountain

Title Distance Why We Like It
Rocky Branch Park  ~4 Miles We are proud be a part of this developing trail system and have been involved in cultivating them from the beginning.  While not epic in length, these trails make up for it with tight sections and punchy climbs. There are some great features to keep things interesting as well.  Best part...we can sneak out on our lunch break for a quick lap when time allows.
George Poston Park  ~9 Miles The trails at Poston are second to none and the folks at PASA continue to do an exceptional job at developing and maintaining this trail system.  Postson is unlike the majority of the other trails in the area and features some of the tightest singletrack and toughest climbs in the area.  Best part...Poston never closes (while this is true, please be respectful of the trails after heavy rain).
US National White Water Center  ~25 Miles What's not to love.  A true destination for those seeking outdoor adventure.  The current trail system offers something for everyone, and with full-time staff devoted to building and maintaining the  trails, they just continue to add more and more.  Best part...cold beer and live music after a great ride.


Road Bikes Rides Road

Title Distance Why We Like It
The Belmont Loop  ~15 Miles We love the fact that we can bust out a quick 15 before opening shop or maybe even sneak one in on our lunch break (oh wait, we don't get a lunch break).  This route follows some pretty busy roads, so be smart about when you're out there.  Be sure to roll it counterclockwise, so you can tackle Cramer Mtn.  Best part...short enough to squeeze in alongside of life's other demands...challenging enough to make you feel like you actually accomplished something.
Four Peaks Challenge - 25  ~25 Miles Often affectionately referred to as The Spamerton Route, this route will challenge you by ascending both Spencer and Cramer Mtn's and knocking out over 1000ft of elevation.  Still some busy roads on this route, but not quite as heavily traveled as The Belmont Loop.  Pick the right time of day and you'll find some solitude out there.  Best part...the rewarding descent off the backside of Spencer Mtn and through Ranlo.
Four Peaks Challenge - Metric  ~62 Miles For those looking for a bit more, this route offers a full metric century with some challenging climbs totally over 2500ft of elevation.  The route begins the same as the 25 Mile route above and then sends you out towards Crowders Mtn.  Be sure to look up occasionally and take in some of your surroundings; there are some beautiful stretches of road out there.  Best just rode 100KM!  


Leisure Bike Rides Leisure

Title Distance Why We Like It
Lineberger Park  ~3.5 Miles The greenway at Lineberger Park in Gastonia is one of the longest stretches of paved bikeway in Gaston County.  Great place to take the kido's or spend a leisurely day on two wheels.  Out-and-back it and you've knocked out a respectable 7 Miles for the day.  Best part...playing on the splash pad afterwards on a hot summer day.
Seven Oaks Preserve Trail  ~3 Miles This portion of the Carolina Thread Trail network in Belmont offers gentle flowing terrain following the shores of Lake Wylie and runs from the trail head off of New Hope Road to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  This is an off-road trail, but very forgiving and perfect for the beginner.  Best part...pack a small picnic and enjoy lunch lake-side.
South Fork Trail ~2 Miles Another section of thread trail; the South Fork Trail is located in McAdenville, and not surprisingly, follows along the banks of the South Fork River.  Much like the Seven Oaks trail, this gentle, flowy, wide trail is an excellent place for the beginner or for taking the kids on their first off-road adventure.  Best part...picturesque river views that'll have you convinced you are much further from home than you actually are.