The importance of a properly sized and fitted bicycle is far too often underestimate if not overlooked entirely.   Bicycle fit significantly influences power transfer, handling, comfort, and safety.  Selecting and tailoring a bicycle is analogous to buying a fine suit.  You need to determine the style of suit (i.e. the cut or fit), find the right size (i.e. 40 Regular jacket), and finally have the suit tailored (i.e. pant hem length) by a skilled tailor.  In the world of bicycles, we first look for the right style based on riding discipline, we choose the correct size based on frame geometry, and then we complete an extensive fitting session to get the bicycle fine-tuned to your body.  Far too often we hear stories of what a great deal someone got on a bicycle only to find that the bicycle is either too large or too small for the rider.

Bicycle fitting is rooted in bio-mechanical science and involves sophisticated tools and measuring devices, rigorous process, and most importantly knowledge bicycle/body interaction.  At South Main Cycles, we employ time-tested techniques in bicycle fitting using some of the latest tools and software available today. Our approach and technique is rooted in bicycle fitting fundamentals that have been used by amateurs and professional alike for decades, and also takes advantage of some of the latest technologies in video motion capture and analysis.

Bicycle Sizing - $25 (free with bike purchase) – Includes recommend frame geometry, frame size, cockpit length, initial saddle height

Standard Bicycle Fitting - $75 (free with bike purchase) - Includes Saddle height, saddle fore/aft position, saddle tilt,  handlebar position including stem length, stem rise, saddle-to-bar drop, hood position, and handlebar size.